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Dog Wellness Made Fun!

Introducing good-for-you play! Functional nutrition meets tasty enrichment with Wellness Pops & Chews.
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Dog Play with Benefits

Long-Lasting Play
20+ minutes of tasty play your dog will love
Health-Boosting Refills
Infused with research-backed ingredients
For All Dogs & Ages
Wellness support for every age & life stage
Trusted Nutrition
Formulated by experts, trusted by vets
My dog loooves!!!!
My dog is obsessed with this flavor and i'm obsessed with the fact that they help her in her older age.
Bless You!
I'm so excited about this new product and even better Plummy really enjoys them!
Perfect for my dog with spring allergies
My corgi has always suffered from seasonal allergies. These are a great (and fun/long-lasting) supplement that actually helps!
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Your Dog's New Favorite Ritual

$19.99 $25.00
Long lasting quiet in a beautifully designed dog toy
Most Popular
$65.00 $79.00
  • Pupsicle
  • Wellness Refill Pops
  • Wellness Chews
$110.00 $136.00
  • Pupsicle
  • Wellness Refill Pops 
  • Wellness Chews
  • Bully Sticks
  • DIY Treat Tray
  • Salmon Oil

Healthy Ingredients, Happy Pups

Vet-formulated recipes with the superfoods to thrive!
Salmon Oil
Promotes healthy skin and coat, heart health, and ease of movement
Shiny Coat
Helps maintain healthy joints and repair damaged cartilage
Healthy Joints
Green-Lipped Mussel
A natural source of nutrients to promote less pain and healthy skin, coat, and joints
Supports the gut microbiome to offer relief for sensitive tummies
Gut Health

Wellness Made Easy

Simple as 1, 2, 3

1. Fill

Fill the Pupsicle with a nutrient-packed Pop.

2. Enjoy

Let your pup enjoy nutritious playtime, while you do ... Whatever you want!

3. Repeat

Use Wellness Chews & Pops to build a convenient wellness habit.

How Woof Wellness Compares

The nutritious, delicious supplements your dog will really want

20+ mins of play
Delicious Taste
Concentrated Nutrition
Research-Backed Ingredients
Transparent Supply Chain

Wellness Collection

$42.00 $28.80
Long-lasting treats, boosted with essential vitamins.
$56.99 $49.98
Nutrient-packed, vet-formulated daily pops and chews
$19.99 $17.99
Long-lasting refill treats infused with multivitamins
$19.99 $17.99
Long-lasting, allergy relief treats for The Pupsicle.
$19.99 $17.99
Long-lasting refill treats infused with soothing nutrients
$19.99 $17.99
Long-lasting, mobility support treats for The Pupsicle.

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