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A Safer Way to Chew

Safer Playtime
No more loose ends to swallow
Extends Chewtime
So dogs don't swallow chews whole
For All Sizes
Designed for chews large to small
Lifetime Warranty
For all bully stick subscribers

Real Reviews!

From genuine, unpaid, dog loving humans
Love it!
I have a feeling this is going to be a hall of fame toy for my dog Klaus. We both love it. The bullysafe is robust and easy to use. Total win.
Sean K.
A Must Have for Chewers
The BullySafe works like a charm and allows our goldendoodle to get about 10 minutes more out of her sticks. Its a win for her and for us! Highly recommend!
Rebecca C.
My dog loves this and we feel better about giving him bully sticks.
Alex C.
THE BULLY SAFE ROCKS! The puppy can chew the bully stick down to a nub (the nub goes into the compost pile) without having to be watched every second...it adds a lot of calm to my life.
Cheryl G.

No More “Did My Dog Just Swallow That?!”

A durable chew holder for safer, longer-lasting play
  • The Bullysafe
  • Bully Sticks 5 Pack
  • Bullysafe Lifetime Warranty
Bully Stick Length
  • The Bullysafe
  • Bully Sticks 10 Pack
  • Bullysafe Lifetime Warranty
Bully Stick Length

Peaceful Dogs & Peace of Mind

How It Works

A simpler, longer-lasting, and safer way to chew

Safer Chewing Starts Today

No more “did my dog really swallow that?!”

Longer chew time!
No ends to swallow
Securely holds treats
Safer play!

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