The BullySafe
The BullySafe
The BullySafe
The BullySafe
The BullySafe
The BullySafe

The BullySafe

A durable chew holder for safer & longer lasting play. Designed for chews of all sizes, especially Woof Bully Sticks! 

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Safer Playtime
No more loose ends to swallow
Extends Chew Time
So dogs don’t swallow chews whole
For All Sizes
Designed for chews large to small
Lifetime Warranty
For all bully stick subscribers

Real Life Reviews

From genuine, unpaid, dog loving humans
So Easy!
I usually try to monitor the end of the bully stick to not let the end get too low. Now the Bullysafe does it for me!
Emily R.
Stress Free
I always worry about the choke hazard at the end of bully sticks. The Bullysafe allows me not to worry about it and let my pup go to town.
Mike M.
Set it and forget it. Safe entertainment that keeps my little girl happily occupied.
Mary H.
Works Well
Works well. Holds bully sticks which my dog loves!
Chris R.

How It Works

A simpler, longer-lasting, and safer way to chew

Safer Chewing Starts Today

No more “did my dog really swallow that?!”

Longer chew time!
No ends to swallow
Securely holds treats
Safer play!
yellow and orange floating dog head illustrations

Peaceful Dogs & Peace of Mind

Safer chewing for dogs. Happiness for their humans.


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