Design That Speaks To Dogs

At Woof, our mission is to take care of the details of dog life. We know that life’s busy, so our goal is to make your time with your dog as special as possible. This means doing away with the chores of dog life so there’s more space for the special moments we love.

How It All Began

Woof and The Pupsicle

How Woof and The Pupsicle got started
dog illustration dachshund
Principle #1
The World Deserves Great Design

Great design can simplify our lives, inspire our creativity, and make the world better in the process. At Woof, we want to be models of thoughtful design. We make products where every detail has been carefully considered. We do business where every stakeholder is part of the conversation, and we constantly check in to make sure our impact is not just neutral but positive overall. We are designing better products and a better example of what business can be because the world deserves it.

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Principle #2
Do Well By Doing Good

There's more to life than money, and business should be no different. Yes, we want to build a lasting company, but not if it comes at the expense of our customers, our partners or the environment. Sometimes this means making difficult decisions - like choosing materials that are more expensive because they're made sustainably. For us that's a small price to pay for knowing we're doing well by our peers, partners, and the world at large.

dog illustrations playing with The Pupsicle
Principle #3
It Takes A Village

Good ideas don’t happen because of one or two people. If we succeed it's because thousands of people came together to make great things happen. At Woof, we work hard to build a community where people feel connected so we can do great things together. A love for pets and their people - that’s why we’re all here, no matter where we live on the globe.

dog illustration running
Principle #4
Learn, Grow, and Improve

We strive to learn and grow as a company. This means being great listeners, being open to change, and recognizing that the best creations evolve over time. We don’t always get things perfect, but we always seek out new ways to improve and we back up those insights with real action.

dog illustration playing with The Pupsicle
Principle #5
The Details Matter

The items we own should inspire us. They should improve the way we live and make us proud each time we get to use them. Woof exists to bring these items to life, which means caring about the details. From the smallest treat to our company at large, we imbue craft and excellence into what we make because we care deeply about what we bring into the world.

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