Longer, Cleaner Play.

Best Toy Known
to Man Dog

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It Makes Dog Life Better

Long Lasting
20 - 40 minutes/use
Easy To Clean
quick to open & rinse
Safer Than Bones
no more scary shards
Saves You Money
from costly dog chews

Real Life Reviews!

from genuine, unpaid, dog loving humans
Daily Distraction
My puppy brings it to me first thing every morning. She is quiet for 30 minutes and I can enjoy my cup of coffee!
Mary T.
Safer Than Bones
The Pupsicle is a safer, cleaner, longer lasting distraction that dogs LOVE!
Animal Wellness Magazine
Best Dog Toy
Not only the best dog toy we've purchased, the company is great to work with too!
Christie C.
Reduces Stress
Woof’s innovative design helps dogs de-stress and their parents save money
The Wildest
two dog illustrations playing with pupsicles

Ready to Spoil Your Dog?

$19.99 $25.00
Long lasting quiet in a beautifully designed dog toy
Great Gift
$55.00 $67.00
  • The Pupsicle
  • DIY Treat Tray
  • Refill Pops
  • Love Nuggets
  • Hours of dog fun!
Pops Flavor
Most Popular
$99.00 $112.00
  • The Pupsicle
  • DIY Treat Tray
  • Love Nuggets
  • Refill Pops
  • Bully Sticks (6 in / 5 pk)
  • Doggy Broth
  • Broth Mixer Bottle
  • Free shipping
  • Hours of dog fun!
Pops Flavor

How It Works

as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Fill

Unscrew, open, and drop in a treat!

2. Feed

Drop in a treat for 20 - 40 minutes of dog play

3. Repeat

Open again, rinse & repeat!

How It Compares

The Pupsicle vs. other dog distractions

green pupsicle alpha pack with text callouts and dog illustration
20-40 Min Per Use
Easy To Clean
Pre-Freeze Treats
No Drool Mess
No Shards Or Choking

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yellow and orange floating dog head illustrations

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