Woof warranty

If within 30 days of receiving your order you are dissatisfied with the Pupsicle toy, please reach out to team@mywoof.com to let us know the issue and we’ll send you a replacement or refund right away! It doesn’t matter if your pup has already chewed the heck out of it. That said, this satisfaction guarantee only applies to the pupsicle toy itself, not to the Freezer Tray or any ready made food/treat products that may have been in your initial order. We accept returns of all unopened and unused products (see return policy below), but if you’re concerned your dog might not like the challenge of the Pupsicle or your pup is a super chewer and you think they may get the best of their new toy, we recommend trying out the pupsicle with some peanut butter or other homemade treat first before you open our other products. Once the other products have been opened, we will not be able to replace or give refunds for those.
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