All-in-1 Wellness Pops
All-in-1 Wellness Pops
All-in-1 Wellness Pops
All-in-1 Wellness Pops
All-in-1 Wellness Pops

All-in-1 Wellness Pops

Long-lasting play boosted with essential nutrients for whole body health, including joint, brain, and body function.
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Daily Wellness Benefits

Long-Lasting Play
20+ minutes of enrichment your dog will love
Whole Body Support
nutrition to boost joint, coat, brain, and body function
Boosted Nutrients
a greater concentration of ingredients for wellness
A Healthy Reward
... and wellness ritual for a very happy pup

Real Life Reviews!

From genuine, unpaid, dog loving humans
Love Love
Great item for human and pup. I feel excellent about giving my doggo a pop of vitamins and the pup is obsessed. Great product.
Amber L.
Vitamin Pops!
Ella loves the vitamin pops very much! We alternate with the other ones you sell. She gets one every night and keeps her totally busy which is a win, win in our books!!
Janice S.
Vitamins plus stimulation... for my puppy!
Having a puppy is HARD! We love that these pops are vitamins so they are good for her and she LOVES them. Plus we enjoy the time she stays occupied!
Ivonne N.
Yummy good
I love these pops and so does my doggy! Once he starts, he can't stop enjoying it!
Nicole R.

Healthy Ingredients, Happy Pups

Research-backed ingredients to support overall wellness
An essential mineral that supports muscle and nerve function
Healthy Bones
Nutrient-rich, sustainable source of amino acids and antibodies
Protein Packed
Omega-3 powerhouse that promotes skin and coat health
Antioxidant-rich superfood that bolsters cognitive function
Cognitive Function

How Pops Compare

Wellness Pops pack nutrition into a tasty reward

Long-Lasting Play
Concentrated Nutrition
Research-Backed Ingredients
Transparent Supply Chain
Dogs Love 'Em

How It Works

1. Open

Unscrew & open the Pupsicle

2. Fill

Load with a Wellness Pop

3. Enjoy

20-40 minutes of nutritious play!

yellow and orange floating dog head illustrations

100,000+ Dogs Love The Pupsicle

and yours will too!


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