Calming Wellness Pops
Calming Wellness Pops
Calming Wellness Pops
Calming Wellness Pops
Calming Wellness Pops

Calming Wellness Pops

Long-lasting play boosted with essential nutrients for calm and relaxation.
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Supplements Made Fun

Long-Lasting Play
20+ minutes of enrichment your dog will love
Naturally Calming
vet-formulated with soothing ingredients
Slow Release
for extended calming over 20-40 minutes of use
A Healthy Reward
... and wellness ritual for a very happy pup

Real Life Reviews!

From genuine, unpaid, dog loving humans
My dog loves these!
My dog is a huge fan of these calming vitamin pops. She gets one every morning and goes straight into her crate for her morning nap.
Annie G.
My pups love these!
I can't even leave the bag anywhere the dogs can see these because they go crazy over them!
Heather N.
Love these calming pops
My anxious dog uses these several days a week. Love them.
Casey O.
Night time treat
Love the pupsicle! Calming pop has been a great post night walk treat to help transition into relaxation time. Great for bedtime.
Katie K.

Naturally Delicious Ingredients

Research-backed nutrients to de-stress your dog
An essential mineral that helps relax muscles and boost mood
Neurological Health
Passion Flower
Raises gamma-aminobutyric acid and maintains serotonin and dopamine
Happy Hormones
Natural source of essential amino acids, nutrients, and antibodies
Protein Packed
Indispensable amino acid that helps produce serotonin for overall wellbeing
Calms Anxiety

How Pops Compare

Wellness Pops pack nutrition into a tasty reward

Long-Lasting Play
Concentrated Nutrition
Research-Backed Ingredients
Transparent Supply Chain
Dogs Love 'em

How It Works

as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Open

Unscrew & open the Pupsicle

2. Fill

Load with a Calming Pop

3. Enjoy

20-40min of soothing play

yellow and orange floating dog head illustrations

100,000+ Dogs Love The Pupsicle

and yours will too!



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