The Starter Pack
The Starter Pack
The Starter Pack
The Starter Pack
The Starter Pack

The Starter Pack

The perfect set for long-lasting distraction! Includes The Pupsicle, DIY Treat Tray & a bag of ready-made Pupsicle Pops.
Color *limited edition
Forest Green
Sugar Plum
Pumpkin Orange
Buddy Blue
Winter Berry
Power Chewer
Autoship & Save
The Starter Pack
Pupsicle Pops

Why It's Special

4 reasons to love The Pupsicle

Longer Lasting
20 - 40 minutes/use
Easy To Clean
quick to open & rinse
Safer Than Bones
no more scary shards
Saves You Money
from costly dog chews

How It Compares

The Pupsicle vs other dog distractions

Distracts For 20-40 Min
Natural Ingredients
Pre-Freeze Treats
Sized For The Pupsicle
Dogs Love 'Em

How It Works

as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Open

Twist to open your Pupsicle!

2. Fill

Drop in a pre-made Pop

3. Enjoy

20-40 minutes of delicious playtime!

More Favorites

Items to pair with your Pupsicle
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25,000+ Dogs Love The Pupsicle

and yours will too!



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