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Business Bags

Durable bags for the Woof Leash

Simple & Special

Designed For The Woof Leash

The Woof Leash and Business Bags are a match made in heaven. With an extended spindle, the bags will always stay centered, roll back easily, and be there when you need them.

Give Back & Do Good

We want to do good by nature. After tons of research, we decided to use a durable biodegradable material in our bags and allocate 5% of profits to fund environmental preservation. Learn more below.

Delivered When You Need ‘em

Sign up to have new bags delivered every 3 months. We’ll ship them to you so you’ll always be ready for business.

The Sustainable Business of Business Bags

We spent a lot of time makeing sure our bags align with our mission of sustainability. At first we explored using compostable bags until we found that compostable bags lead to high waste rates (as the starch-based material degrades and becomes prone to tearing) and that dog poop can cause major issues at composting facilities. After immense research, we determined the most responsible course was to use a durable, biodegradable material for Business Bags and to offset their environmental impact by donating 5% of profits to environmental preservation. We also made the bags yellow, so if they were ever left on the side of the trail they'd be easier to see and less likely to be forgotten for wildlife to pick up. It's the small things that count :)

Questions? We can help!

How many bags are there per roll?
12 bags per roll!
Have you considered the envioronment with these bags?
Absolutely. Our bags are made from a biodegradable material that breaks dow in about 18 months. We also offset their environmental impact by donating 5% of bag profits to wildlife conservation, and purposefully made the bags yellow so they'd be less likely to be left on a trail and picked up by wildlife.
What's the benefit of a subscription?
You get 20% off forever! Bags on bags on bags!
Can I use other bags in the Woof Leash?
Our bag dispenser is slightly more narrow than others, so it works best with our bags. If you don't mind pulling off 2-3 bags the roll before use, you can use generic bag rolls too.
I have another question.
No problem. Drop us a line via our contact page! We're here to help :)

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