Business Bag Features

Designed For Woof Leash

The Woof Leash and Business Bags are a match made in heaven. With an extended spindle, the bags will always stay centered, roll back easily, and be there when you need them.

Plant Based = Eco Happy

Most “biodegradable” bags can take decades to break down and do real damage to the environment in the meantime. Thats why our bags are made from plant starch, which breaks down in a matter of months not years.

Delivered When You Need ‘em

Sign up to have new bags delivered every 3 months. We’ll ship them to you so you’ll always be ready for business.

Great Bags For Dog Duty

Question? We can help!

We can help!

Yep, they're made 100% from plant starch.

You get 20% off forever! Bags on bags on bags!

Our bag dispenser is slightly more narrow than others, so it works best with our bags. If you don't mind pulling off 2-3 bags the roll before use, you can use generic bag rolls too.

No problem. Drop us a line! We're here to help :)