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So Many Good Things!

Broth Pupsicle Pops

A Low Calorie Reward

Mix this lip-smacking broth powder with as much (or as little) water as desired for a tasty treat!


Mess Free Mixing

Use the mixing bottle for mess-free broth. Just fill broth to the line,
add water, and shake!


Meal Enriching

Sprinkle or pour on kibble for a pop of protein and fiber!

Questions? We can help!

What are the ingredients?
Beef bone broth, beef powder, pumpkin, and sweet potato.
Where is the broth made?
We source our ingredients from US suppliers and manufacture it here in Denver, CO!
How do I serve it?
Doggy Broth can be sprinkled, stirred, mixed in water, poured, or frozen in molds.
I have another question.
No problem. Drop us a line via our contact page! We're here to help :)

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