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Top Tips for How to Entertain Your Dog

January 25, 2024 | Woof Team

Need a dog toy that gives your dog some much-needed mental stimulation while you WFH or have friends over for dinner? The Pupsicle is designed to give your pup endless play and nourishment (and give you some peace and quiet). Because we know that navigating doghood isn’t always cuddles and kisses—it’s barks, whines, and zoomies, too. Bring in the Pupsicle, the very best dog toy for mental stimulation, when you need to entertain your dog or calm their anxiety, and start cultivating joy in the beautiful chaos of pet life. 

Our Favorite Ways to Pupsicle

From the Dog Experts at Woof

The Pupsicle helps distract and entertain your dog whenever you need up to 40 minutes of peace. Your pup will start to look forward to their daily treat—and so will you. 

Working from Home

A delicious distraction provides peace and quiet for all of your calls.  

On Adventures

For soothing tummies and staying occupied when they’re riding shotgun. 

While Entertaining

Keep ‘em happy (and stop them from jumping!) when friends stop by. 

For Anxious Pups

Calm your pup during fireworks, storms, or the mailman’s daily visit. 

While Grooming

Distract your dog while clipping nails, during baths, or daily brushing.  

During (Human) Dinner Time

You really can enjoy a meal without your dog begging under the table. 

Surgery Recovery

No dog likes the cone! Give ‘em something to lick and help them heal. 

To Say “I Love You”

Sometimes you just want to show your pup some love—they deserve it!


Pupsicle Pops Tips & Tricks 

The Pupsicle is endlessly refillable, with up to 40 minutes of blissful distraction per Pop. You can freeze your own treats with DIY Treat Trays, or pop in our long-lasting Pupsicle Pops. Our nutrient-dense, mess-free Pops are the perfect treat to nourish your pup while keeping them entertained.

Freeze to extend play: Cool the pops to entertain your pup for even longer! Makes for an especially great treat for a hot summer day. 

Add your own flavor: Does your dog love blueberries, mango, or cheese? Sprinkle on top for an extra treat.

Go DIY: Treat your pup to their favorite flavors by whipping up a homemade Pop, or fill in with Doggy Broth for an easy nutrient-dense treat. More recipes found here!

Take ‘em on the go: Our pre-made Pops require no refrigeration, so they can go on all of your adventures with your pup. 

Ready to start entertaining your dog like the experts? Shop the Pupsicle and Pupsicle Pops made by the team at Woof. The Pupsicle is designed to be the ultimate enrichment tool, making the best dog toy for mental stimulation and long-lasting entertainment. 

We want to hear your best tips and tricks for distracting your dog! Share with us @mywoof on Instagram. 

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