I wasn’t planning to get a dog, but that was before I met Milo. Milo won me over at an adoption event with his cream-puff fur and pot belly begging for tummy rubs. Within 30 seconds of meeting him I knew he had to be part of the family.

Milo, the half husky, half cattle dog is not shy of voicing his opinions. He barks when he’s bored, hungry, needs snuggles, or wants to wrestle. Unfortunately for this lovebug, he was diagnosed with a luxating patella at age 1 and shortly thereafter went in for knee surgery.


Recovery with a rambunctious, opinionated puppy was challenging. Milo was full of energy but could hardly walk. As he healed, I wanted to give him a long lasting treat to keep his spirits up but didn’t want to spoil his dinner….

The Pupsicle was the perfect solution.


I’d freeze low-calorie bone broth treats and Milo healed up like a champ! Since the Pupsicle worked so well for Milo, I thought more dogs might like it too!

Thus, Woof was born. A company built in service of dogs by the people that love them. We're just getting started, and we hope you'll join us for the ride :)