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Your Dog's New Spring Routine

March 15, 2024 | Woof Team

Spring is (finally) here! Get into the swing of the new season by starting (and sticking to!) a schedule that takes advantage of spring’s longer days, warmer weather, and brand-new stuff for your pup to sniff. Whether you’re committing to longer walks, a million more belly rubs, or finding ways to add more nourishing vitamins to your dog’s day, prioritizing the health and happiness of your pup is prioritizing your own wellbeing, too. Maybe you’ll even start taking your vitamins every day…

Read on for seven ways to add a little spring to your pup’s step for the season. 

Go for a Long Walk

Make time for loooong walks full of new things to sniff! Wake up with the sun or commit to a stroll after dinner now that the sun stays up past seven. Taking a different route or exploring a new neighborhood challenges and excites your dog, making them calmer and more content when you get home. 

Pamper Your Pup

Who doesn’t love a day at the spa? Start a new schedule to bathe, brush, and otherwise pamper your pup during a day of grooming. Grooming is about more than just making your dog less stinky: it helps keep them healthy and allows you to identify any conditions that might need more attention. 

Add Healthy Supplements 

Add a daily pump of our Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil to your pup’s food for an extra dose of Omega-3 fatty acids for their joints, coat, and overall health. Most kibble doesn’t have enough Omega-3, so you’ll be giving your pup a huge health boost (although they’ll just think dinner tastes extra delicious!).  

Find Time for Enrichment

A Pupsicle filled with a nourishing, long-lasting Pupsicle Refill Pop gives your dog 20 to 40 minutes of the enrichment they crave. By giving your dog a puzzle to solve, you’ll be able to get your own work done while they stay focused on retrieving their treat. 

Take Care of Their Teeth

Your dog’s dental health affects their overall wellness! Offer bully sticks to naturally clean plaque and tartar from their teeth. Our free-range, grass-fed bully sticks are totally hormone- and antibiotic-free, so you can rest assured your pup is getting the best of the best. 

Show Some Extra Love

You know your dog loves belly rubs, but don’t stop there! Add daily affirmations to strengthen your bond and enhance their cognition. Studies show that talking to your dog improves their cognitive function, makes it easier for them to learn new tricks, and helps you feel even more connected. 

Have a Puppy Party

Commit to socializing your dog at the park or on a pack walk with your own friends—you never know who you’ll meet! Done properly, socialization can reduce your pup’s anxiety and aggression and help them feel more confident in new situations. 

New to Woof? Get started with the Starter Pack for long lasting enrichment today.

We want to hear about your springtime routine! Tag us on a snap from your daily walk or their Pupsicle enrichment break @mywoof.

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