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What Causes Dog Hip and Joint Pain—and How to Help Your Dog Move With Ease

April 15, 2024 | Woof Team

Hip and joint pain in dogs can limit their ability to climb stairs, chase their favorite ball, and join in on all the fun you have together. Conditions like arthritis in dogs, degenerative joint disease, and hip dysplasia don’t just affect older pets; they can also alter the lives of younger dogs, especially breeds who are prone to joint pain.

Knowing the cause of hip and joint pain—and knowing how to prevent and heal your pup—can help your dog go on more adventures with their BFF (that’s you!). From a regular exercise routine to a joint health supplement for dogs like Woof Wellness Hip & Joint Chews, read on for ways to enhance your dog's mobility, flexibility, and overall wellness. 

4 Causes of Hip and Joint Pain

1. Age: Although dogs of all ages can develop hip and joint pain, the likelihood increases as your pup gets older.

2. Breed: Big breeds are more prone to suffer from arthritis and hip dysplasia, although some small breeds, including dachshunds and pugs, are also at risk.

3. Weight: Excess weight puts additional stress on your dog’s joints, which can cause pain and mobility issues.

4. Injuries: Just like humans, if your dog has suffered a past injury or accident, it can cause issues with flexibility and mobility as they age.

How to Prevent Pain & Increase Mobility 

1. Nutrition: Feed your pup a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients to support their joint health. You may need to speak to your vet to find the ideal diet for your pup’s needs.

2. Healthy Weight: Reduce the stress on your dog’s joints by helping them maintain a healthy weight (even if that means fewer snacks from the dinner table!).

3. Regular Exercise: A moderate, regular exercise routine is good for both of you! Walking helps strengthen the muscles around their joints, which supports and stabilizes the joints themselves.

4. Joint Supplements: Create a daily wellness ritual by giving your dog a joint health supplement. Woof Wellness Pops and Chews are vet-formulated with research-backed ingredients like glucosamine, salmon oil, green-lipped mussel, and turmeric to fight inflammation and enhance mobility.

5. Regular Check-ups: Vet visits can help you identify and care for any hip and joint issues before they become more serious.

Hip and joint pain doesn’t have to get in the way of your pup’s health and happiness! With a healthy lifestyle and hip and joint supplements like Woof Wellness Pops and Chews, your dog can have decreased pain and increased mobility, making it easier for them to climb stairs, jump onto the couch, and play with their favorite toys.

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