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The Importance of Building Your Dog’s Daily Routine

April 17, 2024 | Woof Team

Most people make a puppy schedule, but a dog daily routine helps your pup thrive at every age! Just like humans, dogs love routine, so establishing a daily structure supports both their physical and mental wellness.

A routine can result in reduced anxiety, improved behavior, and even a solid foundation for obedience training. Whether you're working on creating a puppy schedule or creating a routine for your older dog, we’ve made it easy for you to incorporate balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and mental enrichment into their routine.

The Importance of a Daily Routine

Predictability and Security: Although it’s hard to believe that your dachshund who won’t get her paws wet has the soul of a wolf, a predictable schedule really does speak to your dog’s natural instincts. By recreating a natural rhythm that mimics one they would follow in the wild, you can offer your dog a sense of security.  

Physical Wellness: Nutrition, exercise, and the right vet-formulated supplements can help keep your dog’s joints healthy and strong, ward off dental issues, decrease symptoms from allergies, and support their overall wellness for more adventures with you. 

Mental Health: A predictable routine helps reduce your dog’s anxiety, which lessens destructive behaviors that spring from stress and boredom. 

Your Dog’s New Daily Routine

Create a daily dog routine that takes care of their physical, mental, and emotional wellness. 

Morning Walk: Start your day bright and early with a walk. You and your dog can burn some energy and take in the sights, sounds, and—most importantly—sniffs of the outdoors.

Breakfast: Your dog’s favorite time of the day!

Wellness Ritual: While you sip your coffee and take your vitamins, give your dog their daily Woof Wellness Chew supplement. It’s vet-formulated with research-backed ingredients to support your dog wellness. 

Training Break: Before you start your day, take a few minutes to target a new skill or reinforce old favorites. It challenges your dog’s mind and helps build your bond! Plus, isn’t it cute when your dog rolls over? 

Potty Break: A quick walk or backyard midday pit stop helps keep you both from getting bored. 

Mental Enrichment: Offer your dog a Pupsicle filled with a Pupsicle Refill Pop! Our Woof Wellness Pops are tasty rewards boosted with the nutrients and superfoods dogs need to thrive. 

Dinner: Don’t worry, your dog won’t let you forget it! 

Evening Walk: After dinner, you and your dog can wind down and reconnect after a long day during a walk around the block and beyond. 

Bedtime: Setting a bedtime in a cozy spot helps signal to your pup that it’s time for bed. (Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee they won’t sleep on your pillow!)  

A daily routine with nutrition, exercise, and supplements like Woof Wellness Chews and Pops helps your dog thrive and deepens your bond. We want to hear about your dog’s daily routine! Tag us @mywoof so we can see how your pack does wellness!

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