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Our New Pupsicle Pops Packed With Dog Superfoods

February 28, 2024 | Woof Team

We’re constantly researching and innovating to bring you and your dogs the highest-quality products with the lowest environmental footprint, and that’s why we’ve recently reformulated our Pupsicle Pops with even more nutrient-packed, clean, and sustainable superfood ingredients. (As always, they still last 20 to 40 minutes a Pop, and even the pickiest pups love them!) From protein-packed plasma to single-ingredient peanut butter, here are all the upgraded superfood ingredients you’ll find in our latest Pops. 

Our Superfood Ingredients

Single-Ingredient Peanut Butter

We’ve reformulated our Refill Pops with peanut butter made from a single ingredient: peanuts. It packs protein and the delicious taste pups love into every Pop, while keeping it totally simple and healthy—no added sugar, salts, or oils here!


Packed with protein, chicken and beef plasma is a natural source of essential amino acids, nutrients and antibodies. In fact, it’s found to improve allergy response, and help with digestion and gut health. This science-backed superfood is a sustainable source of nutrition that can be produced alongside existing food production processes, supporting your dog’s overall wellness while contributing to a smaller environmental footprint. 

Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s yeast is a rich source of minerals, amino acids, and protein (which helps support lean muscle mass), and can serve a crucial role in supporting your dog’s immune system, brain function, digestion, and even eye health. It’s also rich in B vitamins and antioxidants, which helps your pup’s skin, hair, eyes and liver. 


We’ve switched from rice syrup to dates, a naturally sweet superfood, to increase fiber (you’re welcome, puppy tummies!) and reduce the sugar in every Pop. 

Miscanthus Grass

We’ve updated our Calming pops to include Miscanthus grass in our Calming pops, which adds a serious boost of fiber (it’s over 80% fiber!) to help ease anxious tummies and help with digestion. 

We want to hear how your pup is loving our newly reformulated, nutrient-packed Pupsicle Pops! Let us know @mywoof for the chance to have your dog featured. 

Learn more about our superfood ingredients here.

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