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Best Kong Alternatives For Dogs In 2023

June 13, 2023 | Woof Team

Are you fed up with the same routine of Kong toys for your canine companion? If so, we've got some fresh and exciting solutions to keep them engaged while also providing mental stimulation. In this blog post, our aim is to showcase a few of the top alternatives that can offer such benefits as durability, treat dispensing and more!

We'll start by introducing innovative choices like The Pupsicle but also look at other dog toys that provide a unique experience compared to a Kong. So lets jump straight into our recommendations for the top kong alternatives that your dog will absolutely love!

Short Summary

  • Explore the top alternatives to Kong toys suitable for different types of dogs.
  • Consider your dog's needs when selecting a toy, and look for durability, mental stimulation & treat dispensing capabilities.
  • Popular options include Pupsicle by Woof, dog feeding puzzles, lick mats, and other types of toys!

    Exploring Top Kong Alternatives For Dogs

    The pet toy industry has drastically grown over the last few years, providing a huge selection of toys that provide an array of different benefits to suit every type of dog. From chew toys to treat delivering and puzzle options, top alternatives have charmed both pups and their human owners alike.

    Let's take a peek at some stand out Kong substitutes which can help your pooch get what it needs from its playtime experiences! Treat dispensing games are always popular with dogs along with durable chewing pieces as well, making them highly attractive choices for all those devoted pet parents out there looking for great dog fun!

    The Pupsicle by Woof

    The Pupsicle by Woof is a brilliant choice for your four-legged friends and, in my view, it has a few considerable advantages over the traditional Kong. Firstly, the Pupsicle's unique and playful design is more engaging and exciting, which means that it can better stimulate your dog's cognitive skills, effectively keeping them entertained for longer periods. Also, its specific design allows for easier filling and a slower, more controlled release of treats, like peanut butter, or the flavored pop it comes with, compared to a traditional Kong.

    In my experience, the Pupsicle seems to be a hit even with those pups who can be pickier or less engaged with other treat-dispensing toys. Another great plus point is its easy-to-clean design. It's dishwasher safe which, let's be honest, is a godsend for us busy pet parents. Kong toys can sometimes be tricky to clean thoroughly, especially when sticky treats like peanut butter are involved.

    Lastly, the Pupsicle comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different dog breeds and jaw strengths, so you can find the perfect fit for your furry friend. The refillable Pupsicle Pops also come in a beef or chicken flavor which helps to provide variety to your dog's treats. Overall, the Pupsicle combines functionality, durability, and entertainment - offering a new, interactive way to treat your dog.

    Dog Feeding Puzzle Toys

    Dog feeding puzzle toys are innovative and intriguing alternatives to the traditional Kong toy. These puzzles challenge and stimulate your pet's cognitive skills by making them work for their treats. Instead of just dispensing treats passively, these toys require your dog to interact, think, and solve the puzzle to get to their yummy reward.

    Not only does this keep them engaged for a longer time, but it also encourages mental development. Furthermore, many dog feeding puzzle toys are adjustable in difficulty, which means you can gradually make them more challenging as your pup becomes more adept, keeping things interesting and exciting.

    Dog Licking Mats

    Dog licking mats are yet another unique and beneficial alternative. These mats are designed with various textures and patterns that your dog can lick and explore, providing both physical and mental stimulation. The mats are particularly handy when it comes to serving soft treats like peanut butter, yogurt, or mashed fruits.

    They allow for slower consumption, which not only extends the enjoyment for your dog but also can aid digestion and even help freshen their breath. Moreover, the act of licking has been shown to have a calming effect on dogs, so these mats could also serve as a great tool for anxiety relief. These features make dog licking mats an excellent, multifunctional alternative to the Kong toy.

    Tips for Choosing the Right Kong Alternative For Your Dog

    When looking for a Kong alternative to entertain your dog, it is essential that you carefully consider what features are best suited to them. In the following section we will discuss some important points which should be taken into account when picking an alternate toy or replacement of the original one.

    After looking at several of the leading alternatives available on today's market, make sure that whatever item you decide upon meets your pup’s particular desires and requirements, after all they deserve only quality playtime!

    Considerations for Dog Toys: Durability, Mental Stimulation, and Treat Dispensing

    When picking an alternative to Kong, you must remember the need for durability – particularly if your dog is a more robust chewer. Make sure that the material of choice suits your canine friend's age, size and mouthing habits perfectly so it can withstand their intensity.

    It's equally important not to overlook mental stimulation when selecting toys for Fido. Interactive games, brainteasers or treat-dispensing alternatives are great solutions when considering ways in which to keep them engaged while having fun at the same time. It may be wise to start off with simpler designs initially as some pets get easily bored by tasks too easy but others might require greater challenges!

    Reward dispensing toys should also be taken into account, they provide amusement whilst rewarding good behavior from our four legged friends! You could customize these options depending on how much difficulty level needs adjusting in order to capture interest levels. Still, this will insure contentment throughout each playing session moving forward.

    Why Your Dog Will Love These Kong Alternatives

    The Kong has become a stable for many dogs around the world but there are a few alternatives that provide a better experience for your dog but also for you as the pet parent. Below are a few benefits of the different kong alternatives we have talked about today.

    They Provide Mental Stimulation for Your Dog

    Alternative Kong toys, such as puzzle feeders and licking mats, are more than just playthings - they're tools that stimulate your dog's cognitive functions. These toys often require problem-solving skills for dogs to access the treats inside. This mental exercise is as crucial as physical exercise for maintaining a healthy, balanced dog lifestyle.

    Much like humans, dogs can get bored, and having toys that encourage mental engagement can help alleviate this issue. The added stimulation from such toys promotes intellectual growth and can even slow down cognitive aging in older dogs, keeping them sharp and alert throughout their lives.

    They Keep Your Dog Busy

    Another key advantage of alternative Kong toys is their ability to keep dogs occupied for extended periods. This is especially useful for pet owners who need to leave their dogs at home alone or wish to distract their dogs during potentially stressful situations such as thunderstorms or firework displays.

    Toys like the Pupsicle, feeding puzzle toys, or licking mats, offer prolonged engagement as dogs have to work a bit harder to get to the treats. This sustained activity can help curb destructive behaviors stemming from boredom or separation anxiety, providing dogs with a positive and rewarding focus.

    Your Dog Will Love the Taste

    While the Kong can be filled with a variety of treats, alternative Kong toys can offer unique flavor experiences that your dog will love. For instance, dog licking mats can be smeared with a wide range of tasty and healthy spreads, like peanut butter or pureed fruit. Similarly, puzzle feeders can be filled with your dog's favorite kibble, treats, or even homemade recipes, allowing you to mix and match flavors.

    These toys provide a longer-lasting taste experience compared to traditional toys, as the dog needs to work to get every last bit of flavor. This not only enhances their enjoyment but also makes mealtime or treat time more exciting and rewarding.


    When it comes to finding the perfect toy for your canine companion, there are a variety of Kong alternatives available. From The Pupsicle to dog slower feeder toys or even tennis balls, these options cater not only to different dog needs but also provide hours of entertainment. Considerations should be made with regard to durability, mental stimulation value and treat-dispensing capabilities when selecting an appropriate alternative from Kong's range.

    In summary, we have many great kong alternatives that will give maximum satisfaction levels and put smiles on our furry friends’ faces each day! With numerous viable choices, you may never need to buy another Kong again!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Kong Alternatives

    Below are a few of the most common asked questions we have received about the best kong alternative toys for dogs.

    What can I use instead of a Kong?

    Owners of dogs that don't take to classic Kong toys have alternative options. The company, known as Kong, produces an extensive collection of chew and puzzle items which can be a good way for your pup to get entertained with mental stimulation.

    A few of the options we talked about today can provide your dog with an alternative to kong that provides them with more entertainment, mental stimulation, an easier cleaning situation, and more.

    What create safe toys are safe to leave with dog?

    When leaving toys with your furry friend, it is essential to opt for items that are tough and safe. You want to make sure that your dog doesn't have access to toys that they could end up hurting themselves with such as plastic toys or toys that they could break and choke on such as certain squeaky toys.

    The exact crate safe toys you provide to your dog will vary based on your dog's personality as well as their size but you should make sure the toy isn't a choking hazard for your dog and is durable enough that it would be able to be ripped apart while you are away.

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