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10 Tips for Waiting Out Winter with Your Dog

February 16, 2024 | Woof Team

Does it sometimes seem like winter will never end? Even if your dog loves playing in the ice and snow, some days are just too chilly to spend hours outside. We’ve rounded up our favorite ways to enrich, nourish, and challenge your dog while waiting out the winter weather. Learn new tricks, have a doggie spa day, and DIY some treats and toys to stay cozy and cuddly with your pup until spring. 

1. Learn Some Wintry Tricks 

Use our high-value Lil’ Trainers treats and hands-free Clicker to teach your pup some new winter-themed tricks! You can teach them to make a snow angel (aka roll onto their back), push their nose along the carpet to “roll a snowball,” or snuggle up by wrapping themselves in a warm blanket. 

2. Have a Spa Day 

You can have an “everything shower”—and your dog can, too. Give ‘em a bath, brush their fur, clip their nails, and brush their teeth to get them all sparkling clean and smelling fresh. (We love popping a Pupsicle Pop in the Pupsicle to distract our pups while they get groomed!)

3. Make an Agility Course

With just a little bit of imagination, your living room can become an impromptu agility course. Teach them to jump on and off the couch, weave around chair legs, and tunnel under a blanket for a DIY way to get out that stuck-inside energy. 

4. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Put that nose to work by hiding Lil’ Trainers or Love Nuggets dog treats around the house and help your dog find them all! 

5. DIY With Your Dog 

For smaller dogs and non-chewers, DIY a dog toy by hiding Love Nuggets inside a rolled and tied kitchen towel. (Be sure to supervise closely to make sure your dog’s eating the treats and not the towel!)

6. Cook Together

Cook up some rice, chicken breast, or any of your dog’s favorite foods to DIY some Pupsicle refills in our silicone Treat Tray. Add Salmon Oil or Doggy Broth to sneak in some more low-cal, high-protein nutrients. 

7. Have a Movie Night

Air pop some plain popcorn and share a bowl while you snuggle up on the couch. (Just don’t ask your dog what they want to watch unless you feel like streaming ninety minutes of squirrels running up trees.)

8. Give the Best Belly Rub Ever

Try your hand at some simple dog massage by giving your calm, sleepy pup a rub. Massage their ears, rub your hand all the way down the length of their back, and run your thumb back and forth from their forehead to their nose to help them get totally calm. 

9. Walk Every Day 

Even if it’s freezing out, bundle yourselves up and head out for some fresh air! Morning light between 8 and 9am is best, so pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and let your dog enjoy the morning sniffs. You’ll start the day energized, and your dog will have a little less energy so you can get more done. 

10. Make Time for Enrichment 

Give your dog the mental enrichment they need (and the treats they want!) with our Pupsicle dog enrichment toy and our Pupsicle Pop refills. Pop in a Pop made from all-natural, nutrient-packed ingredients and let your dog play while you get up to 40 minutes of peace and quiet. 

What are your tips and tricks for making it through winter with your pup? Share them with us by tagging @mywoof so we can see all your amazing ideas!

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