Show Me The Details!

No More "Oh, Crap!" Moments

The Woof Leash keeps bags on hand so you're always ready when nature calls.

Clip It With Class

The Woof Leash has a custom handle clip so you can anchor your dog without unclipping their collar or leash.

An Extra Handle For Tight Situations

The Woof Leash has an extra grip for when things get hairy.

Designed For Training!

Clip a Woof Clicker into your leash for hands-free training on the go!

Designed For The Woof Leash

The Woof Leash and Business Bags are a match made in heaven. With an extended spindle, the bags will always stay centered, roll back easily, and be there when you need them.

Give Back & Do Good

We want to do good by nature. After tons of research, we decided to use a durable biodegradable material in our bags and allocate 5% of profits to fund environmental preservation. Learn more below.

Delivered When You Need ‘em

Sign up to have new bags delivered every 3 months. We’ll ship them to you so you’ll always be ready for business.

Questions? We can help!

We can help!

55" from handle to clip! We feel this is a good balance of manuverability and length.


By default new bags will ship every 3 months. You can always change this in your account settings setion.

We found our leash holds more than triple the maximum force we’ve seen from large dogs in the real-world.

If your dog is pulling more than 200lbs (like pulling a grand piano uphill) you may want to consider using our harness to reduce how much they pull.

Pivot the clip towards itself then slide the components apart from the side.

There is a small ridge that keeps the clip from coming undone accidentally. You’ll have to pivot past this in order to open the clip.

We do! Check it out here or try the Matching Threads bundle to save on a leash, collar, and harness!