The Best Toy You’ll Ever Own.

long lasting quiet in a beautifully designed dog toy

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thoughtful features for dogs and their people

  • Dog with Pupsicle

    Longer Lasting

    20 - 40 minutes/use

  • Washing Pupsicle

    Easy To Clean

    quick to open & rinse

  • Bones

    Safer Than Bones

    no more scary shards

  • bones and money

    Saves You Money

    from costly dog chews

  • DIY Treat Tray

    DIY Treats

    freeze your dog’s favorites

  • Limitless Flavors

    explore new recipes

  • Naturally Calming

    slow-release relaxation

  • No Freezer Needed

    with Pupsicle Pops

In The Wild!
(not paid actors)

In The Wild!

The Pupsicle has helped thousands
of dog owners calm anxious pups,
train young puppies, and just tell
their dogs “I love you”.

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*for dogs 25lbs+
  • The Pupsicle

    Size: Large |
    Regular price $25
    Regular price Sale price $25

    1 Pupsicle dog toy

    Hours of dog fun

    1 DIY Treat Tray

  • Most Popular

    Starter Pack

    Size: Large |
    Regular price $49
    Regular price $55 Sale price $49
    Starter Pack

    1 Pupsicle dog toy

    1 DIY treat tray

    Hours of dog fun!

    1 Bag long lasting refill Pops

  • Best Savings

    The Alpha Pack

    Size: Large |
    Regular price $85
    Regular price $92 Sale price $85
    Alpha Pack Bundle with Jerky

    1 Pupsicle dog toy

    1 DIY treat tray

    1 Bag Beef Jerky

    Free shipping!

    Hours of dog fun!

    1 Bag long lasting refill Pops

    1 Doggy Broth

from unpaid, genuine, dog-loving humans

  • "My busy terrier doggie absolutely loves the Pupsicle and I love the easy process of freezing the treats in the tray. Very good product!”

    Raluca M. Customer since 2021

  • "Much easier to fill and clean than other chew & treat dispenser combos. My beagle LOVES it!!!”

    Jennifer V. Customer since 2022

  • "Finally, a tool we both love! My labrador puppy brings it to me first thing every morning. She is quiet for 20-30 minutes and I can enjoy a cup of coffee again!”

    Mary T. Customer since 2021

  • "The product is insanely easy to use and I feel less wasteful. This is beyond easy and I always feel prepped.”

    Olivia W. Customer since 2022

How It Works

as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Freeze Your Faves

Open your dog’s favorite food, fill the mold & freeze.

2. Fill and Feed

Unscrew the Pupsicle, load a treat, and close it back up.

3. Open & Clean

When you’re done, open, rinse, and repeat.

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The Pupsicle vs. Other Dog Distractions

  • Pupsicle

    easy to clean
    easy to fill
    durable & safe

  • Kong toy

    hard to clean
    messy to fill
    1 use/filling

  • Bully sticks

    choking hazard
    one flavor

  • Bones

    bone shards
    for cavemen

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Questions? We Can Help!

How does the Pupsicle Work?
The Pupsicle unscrews in the middle, making it super easy to fill, clean, and use as a dog distraction. Because it opens in the middle, you can fill it with extremely long-lasting treats or even pre-freeze treats to use later when you need them!
Is the Pupsicle messy?
We’ve put a lot of work into making the cleanest treat toy out there, especially given that a dog will lick at it for 30 minutes or more! Slots on the top prevent drool from pooling, there are no holes on the bottom for liquid to leak out, and it’s weighted to stay upright so it won’t tip out food. All in all, it’s about as clean a toy as it gets!
How big is each Pupsicle & what is it made from?
Our large Pupsicle is 3.6" in diameter and 2.8" tall and our small Pupsicle is 2.9" in diameter and 2.2" tall. The Pupsicle is made from a non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate free natural rubber.
How do I freeze treats?
Since the Pupsicle opens in the middle, you can pre-freeze treats for when you need them later. Our companion freezer mold makes it easy - just scoop in your favorite recipe (wet food, yogurt, etc.), put it in the freezer, and you’ll be good to go!
What are some recipes you recommend?
Peanut butter, canned wet food, bone broth - you name it! Freeze the foods your dog likes most. For some this is just straight wet food, for others this is frozen fruit and yogurt. Feel free to get creative and check out some of our favorite mixes here!
How will it entertain my dog?
Depending on the treat you use and how focused your dog is, Pupsicle treats will typically last 20-30 minutes. Extend this by mixing kibble or biscuits into your frozen treats or by using Woof's pre-made, extra long-lasting Pops!
Is the ball dishwasher safe?
Yes it is!
What is The Pupsicle’s Warranty?
Woof wants you and your pup to be happy with your purchase. We understand some doggos get the best of their new toys and sometimes manufacturing isn’t always perfect. If you aren’t happy with your Pupsicle purchase, our 30 day warranty entitles you to a one-time refund or replacement, per item. It really is that simple, easy, and hassle-free. Please fill out this form to get the process started! (We love all feedback and use it to improve our products in the future.)
I have another question.
No problem. Drop us a line via our contact page! We're here to help :)

The Backstory

I wasn’t planning to get a dog, but that was before I met Milo. Milo won me over at an adoption event with his cream-puff fur and pot belly begging for tummy rubs. Within 30 seconds of meeting him I knew he had to be part of the family.

Milo, the half husky, half cattle dog is not shy of voicing his opinions. He barks when he’s bored, hungry, needs snuggles, or wants to wrestle. Unfortunately for this lovebug, he was diagnosed with a luxating patella at age 1 and shortly thereafter went in for knee surgery.


Recovery with a rambunctious, opinionated puppy was challenging. Milo was full of energy but could hardly walk. As he healed, I wanted to give him a long lasting treat to keep his spirits up but didn’t want to spoil his dinner….

The Pupsicle was the perfect solution.


I’d freeze low-calorie bone broth treats and Milo healed up like a champ! Since the Pupsicle worked so well for Milo, I thought more dogs might like it too!

Thus, Woof was born. A company built in service of dogs by the people that love them. We're just getting started, and we hope you'll join us for the ride :)

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