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The Woof Leash

Premium lead with built-in bag holder

Consider giving Woof Bags a try! They're made specially for this leash & the two make a great pair.

Shipping From Colorado, USA

So Many Good Things!

No More "Oh, Crap!" Moments

The Woof Leash keeps bags on hand so you're always ready when nature calls.

Clip It With Class

The Woof Leash has a custom handle clip so you can anchor your dog without unclipping their collar or leash.

An Extra Handle For Tight Situations

The Woof Leash has an extra grip for when things get hairy.

Designed For Training!

Clip a Woof Clicker into your leash for hands-free training on the go!

High Time For A Better Leash!

Why design the best dog leash in the world? Because an amazing dog leash makes amazing dog walks and you deserve both. Comfortable hand-feel, a design that’s easy to maneuver, and a dog bag holder that’s built in - all of these features come together so you can worry less and enjoy your walks even more.

With our line of dog collars and leashes, we’ve added tasteful features and small surprises to make dog life easier. Take a look at the video below to get the full overview of what makes the Woof Leash the best leash known to dog.

Questions? We can help!

How long is the leash?
The length is 60" from handle to clip! We feel this is a good balance of maneuverability and length. The width is 1" at the leather handle and 0.75" along the length of the leash.
Can I use generic bags?
Yep! Our bag dispenser is slightly more narrow than others, so it works best with our bags. That said, you can use larger (generic) rolls if you pull off 2-3 bags before placing the roll into the dispenser.
How do I open the handle clip?
Pivot the clip towards itself then slide the components apart from the side.
There is a small ridge that keeps the clip from coming undone accidentally. You’ll have to pivot past this in order to open the clip.
How strong is the dispenser?

Very. Our leash holds more than triple the maximum force we’ve seen from dogs pulling in the real-world.


If your dog pulls with more than 200 lbs of force (like pulling a grand piano uphill) you may want to consider using our harness to reduce how much they pull.

I have another question.
No problem. Drop us a line via our contact page! We're here to help :)

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