Silence Never Tasted So Good

Fully Digestible Chews

Unlike rawhides, bully sticks are minimally processed and naturally derived, which makes them a safer option for big chewers.

Great For Dental Health

As a natural dog chew, our single-ingredient bullys remove tartar and build gum strength during use.

Extra Thick & Long Lasting

Our bullys are 25% thicker than the traditional bullys you’ll find online. This helps that sweet peace & quiet last a little longer.

Question? We can help!

We can help!

6", five sticks per bag, and hours of quiet :)

Yes they are! Non of those nasty chemicals that make smelly bully sticks.

Subscribing for bullys allows us to negotiate better pricing with our suppliers, and we pass this savings to you. Our bully subscriptions are the best deal on the market!