The Pupsicle

The Talk Bark
of the Town!

A safer, cleaner, longer-lasting toy for your dog.
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Sniff Around

Best toy we've ever purchased. The dogs LOVE them.

Jody V.

Woof’s innovative design helps dogs destress and their parents save money.

The Wildest

These things are worth their weight in gold.

Joe M.

The Pupsicle is a safer, cleaner, longer lasting distraction that dogs LOVE!

Animal Wellness Magazine

I would 100% buy these all over again... and again... and again.

Pepper G

Fill with Woof's long-lasting treats to keep Rover occupied for hours.

Town & Country Magazine

Discover Woof

The good things everyone's barking about!
Long lasting quiet in a beautifully designed dog toy
Great Gift
The essentials for long-lasting dog play.
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Our top bundle & best deal.

The World's Best
Dog Toy

Playtime for your pup, sweet silence for you

Longer Lasting
20 - 40 minutes/use
Easy To Clean
quick to open & rinse
Safer Than Bones
no more scary shards
Saves You Money
from costly dog chews

Wellness Meets Play

Nutritious refills for healthy pups
Long-lasting refill treats infused with soothing nutrients
Nutritious, low-calorie meal topper & Pupsicle refill.
Extra long-lasting, natural treats for The Pupsicle.
Long-lasting refill treats infused with multivitamins

The bark of the town!

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